About Me

So, last week my best friend told me that I “just thrive in change.” Exact words. And there I was in full PANIC MODE. And I think we all have this, us girls, full of drive & risk and really detailed, careful consideration.

I’m a planner, but sometimes, I go off on tangents. This blog is one of those tangents. Along with my life at the moment – I just quit being a high school educator. I want to talk about what makes me a lunatic and why that’s okay.

On the side, I’m a cat lady with a heart full of rescue dog. I eat cereal for dinner too often. (I wish I could be a blogger that puts up pretty food pictures, but…. alas).

I believe in the power of words over most other powers (except maybe mermaids).

I also run a book blog over at: BooksandBowelMovements.com